Book Review: Just How To Date The White Woman: a Guide that is practical for Guys

Just like the other publications in the Offensive information For Dating Outside Your competition show (Japanese Females: they are going to Do everything you state, Indian guys: Smart But i suppose they’ve Tiny Penises, Black Chicks: Centuries of Systemic Oppression Have Made Them only a little Cranky) just how up to now a White girl is advertised as “your one-stop shop” for informative data on dating a certain cultural subset of mankind (in this situation, White Women), but I found it sorely with a lack of helpful information.

Although i will be white, we figured I would have the ability to derive a minumum of one or two good tips about dating white females out of this book, but this is really far from the truth. Not only is this written book Asian-Man-Centric, but it addittionally does not have level. I came across a majority of their advice become blatantly apparent (or outright false): “White ladies can’t stand spiders”, “White ladies sometimes have difficulties opening jars”, “White ladies who are not prostitutes get offended once you attempt to spend them for sex”, record continues on as well as on.

As a person who recently dated a white girl, I am able to effortlessly show up with better recommendations compared to the people in this guide from the top of my mind. Therefore simply continue reading if you wish to be let in on all of the women that are white secrets.


This is one of the primary hurdles I experienced to clear when dating a white girl. She ended up being constantly asking us doing things together with her. It never ever stops! A normal discussion would get something similar to this:

White girl: “Let’s venture out to consume, we never go anywhere. “

Me Personally: ” Exactly Just Just What? We simply went along to Perkins final thirty days! “

WW: “I’m bored of sitting round the home on a regular basis. Why don’t we go. “

Me personally: “But look! The magic pill infomercial is on again! You fall asleep and I also’ll get invest 3 hours sorting boardgame pieces into little trays? Can not we simply lay on to the floor and consume goldfish crackers away from this carton after which”

WW: “Let’s split up. “

Me Personally: “Hahahaha! I really like the black colored and white component whenever the good fresh good fresh fresh fruit juice flies every where. Exactly exactly just What in pretty bad shape! Should’ve gotten the Quick Fix! “

WW: “I’m planning to go date a guy that is ready to rest in a tent and does not begin sneezing uncontrollably the 2nd we open a window *Leaves*

Me personally: “Look, each bullet glass has small rings that are colored they are able to tell which beverage belongs in their mind. This might be some ongoing celebration! “

In order you can observe, white ladies may be a genuine handful.


9 times away from 10, they will picture a white woman if you ask someone to picture in their head a woman riding a horse. The reason being just women that are white horses. You may feel we’m stereotyping, but i am maybe not. Without question.

Don’t think me personally? Do a google Image seek out “Woman Riding Horse”, you will see that each and every solitary picture includes a woman that is white. And if you might chinese brides at think the truth is 1 or 2 US Indian ladies in here, trust in me: you never. Those are merely white women in stereotypical “injun” garb. Real Native Americans do not drive horses simply because that they’re maybe perhaps perhaps not white individuals.

Additionally, here is a great game: get look for an image of a woman that is black a horse. Seriously. Still do it now. It is great as you can not. You cannot do so. It is impossible.

Just woman that is white horses.


I discovered this the difficult means a whilst ago, and I also had been pretty astonished they did not consist of it within the book. It is a fantastic tip, because it isn’t like me, many men might figure that it’d be reassuring for a white woman to know that her boyfriend doesn’t care about her weight, but apparently. Not really a tiny bit. I have even tried including, “We really would not also mind I have actually pretty low requirements in terms of that material. In the event that you got fatter, ” nonetheless it just appeared to make things even worse. Probably better simply to keep it alone.

But anyhow, for further guide, listed here is a listing of other similarly improper (but totally honest) reactions which will make whenever a female complains about being fat:

  • “Yeah, i did not would you like to state certainly not you can stay to get rid of a little round the face and throat. “
  • “truthfully it is not perhaps the fat that bothers me personally, it is the mustache. “
  • “we prefer to consider it as being ‘more of you in my situation to love’. Four to seven times more, become precise. “
  • “Urk. (Feigns Nausea). “
  • “that is funny, most of the dudes at the office were mentioning that in my experience recently too. “
  • “Fine by me, i love ’em big and juicy. “

This guide is virtually useless in terms of easy methods to score your personal whitey. I suggest getting yourself a par of inexpensive night-vision goggles and engaging in a bit of good old-fashioned stalking/masturbation if you truly want to learn how white woman function. It is a great, unobtrusive method to discover the thing that makes them tick, and that knows, you could simply produce a white feminine buddy or two as you go along!

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